GAIN Music & Arts Festival 2022

The 10th annual GAIN Music & Arts Festival (also known as #GAINFest) has been announced!

Royal Castles (presented by RiverFest Elora), Animatist, Geordie Gordon (presented by Kaleidoscope Music), CJ Cooper, Wynne Badoe, Killitorous (presented by KronikNoise Promotions), Jupiter Hollow (presented by KronikNoise Promotions), Islands & Empires (presented by KronikNoise Promotions), We Are Human (presented by KronikNoise Promotions), Locutor (presented by KronikNoise Promotions), Basic White, Buckshot Benny, Unknown Artist & Express (presented by JamSchool), Animal Boy, Shebad, Kat Steeves, Habit (presented by Kazoo! Fest), Sun Junkies, Livers, Avataar (presented by Silence), Hunter Sheridan, Liv Borkosky, Rich Gregor, Joseph Gallo Jr, Mela Bee, Cody Drake, DJ S-One & Wynne Badoe along with an Arts Market (presented by Punk Rock Flea Market Guelph & Pressed by Nick) along with an Open Stage hosted by Nate Coles to close out the festivities!


Artwork by Negative Underground Society